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I provide creative solutions to clients in wales and beyond,
delivering meaningful projects that get attention.

About Huw

Huw has a proven track record of developing and delivering digital projects at scale

A national news service for Wales

On March the 1st Huw launched Wales first national news service in print and digital. A culmination of three years of work, the partnership with Newsquest delivers news on a regular basis every day online with a weekly print edition available across Wales on sale every Saturday.


Huw is a founder of Annwen, Annwen is an innovitive Internet of Things platform. Combining a network with a range of devices.

Yr Awr Gymraeg

Yr Awr Gymraeg (The Welsh Hour) is a platform that supports the promotion of businesses, institutions, events and products through the medium of Welsh. Established by Huw in 2012 it has attracted almost 14,000 followers on Twitter and the #yagym hashtag is used extensively across Twitter and Instagram as a promotion tool. Every Wednesday between 8 and 9 Huw hosts the physical hour on Twitter.

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Thoughts and ideas

The value of Welsh

The value of Welsh It would have been far easier, and would have guaranteed more views, had I entitled this piece “What’s the cost of Welsh”? But that would be …